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Circus Train


Circus animals are traveling by train for their next performance. This train works perfectly and each one is in its seat but ... Oh no! They found more than 3 obstacles on the road. The train can not move and will not arrive on time to the circus. Children are waiting and the act must begin. The Circus must have performances and problems with the train can not avoid it. That's your mission: help them to build the way so that the train can arrive on time.▶TRAIN EDUCATIONAL GAMES
The game is perfect for 3 to 4 year old kids because by the placement of pieces they will learn how to construct geometric figures that fit. Therefore, the Circus train is a perfect game to reinforce the educational activity of the little ones.
The game is a constant challenge for children since it is a puzzle inside an ideal environment for them.
Animals that children like: lion, tiger, elephant, giraffe, elephant.The driver of the train is an funny clown.Join pieces to level the soil so that the train could continue.Enterteining animations when you complete a level.
Circus Train is a level playing game, so it challenges constantly the mind of the boy or girl who is playing it. ▶DISCOVER MORE EDUCATIONAL GAMESEdujoy has more than 50 games directed to children of all the ages; from pre-school up to the oldest. If you liked this game, you will be interested in the GOLD version for sure.
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